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D'Shawns Story.
Shawn of D'Shawn's Fine Foods. When Shawn migrated to the United States as a teenager, although he left family and friends behind, the one thing he brought with him was the memory of the taste and aroma of his Mom’s cooking. Having never cooked before, and after a short time of eating a diet of hamburgers and hot dogs, he started preparing food by using two senses: taste and smell. He practiced until it resembled Mom’s food.

While attending engineering school, he supported himself by working in various restaurants … one he was most fond of was a Greek restaurant where he learned the art of combining the right spices to accomplish the ultimate taste.

Over the past 30 years, Shawn has worked for reputable restaurants in Texas and Colorado and has owned his own restaurant. His personal goal has always been excellence in whatever he does.

To this day, Shawn continues to experiment with quality ingredients and is proud to share his most wonderful combination of herbs and spices - known as D’Shawns™ Spice Pack … available in the very near future so look for our announcement.


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